Warehouse Heating & Cooling Equipment

Construction Heaters Inc. offers warehouse heating and cooling equipment for a variety of storage and distribution spaces. Keeping a large space within a comfortable range of temperatures brings challenges. Whether you have a single location or distribution centers throughout the U.S., we have the right HVAC solutions at the right prices for you.

Why Warehouse Heating & Cooling?

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your storage facility ensures the well-being and productivity of employees who work within the warehouse environment. Extreme heat or cold can lead to discomfort, fatigue, and even health risks. Certain products and materials require specific temperature conditions to prevent damage, spoilage, or deterioration. Effective climate control also contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings by optimizing temperature levels and reducing wastage.

  • Maintain Comfortable Working Conditions
  • Preserve Product Integrity & Reduce Waste
  • Keep Energy Costs Manageable

Climate Control Benefits For Your Industry

Industrial HVAC rentals offer several advantages for warehouse climate control projects. By opting for rental equipment, your business can access a wide range of heating and cooling solutions without the need for large upfront investments. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing needs, scale operations, and explore different equipment options as required.

We specialize in warehouse climate control projects, offering a comprehensive selection of portable cooling and heating solutions to suit diverse needs. Find out how our climate control rentals can simplify and secure your business.

  • Warehouses & Distribution Centers: Large warehouse buildings and distribution centers often require efficient heating and cooling solutions to regulate temperatures throughout expansive spaces. These facilities handle a wide range of products and require precise climate control to preserve product quality and integrity.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Industries such as automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food processing often operate manufacturing facilities within warehouses. These environments demand controlled temperatures to ensure the quality and performance of products during the manufacturing process.
  • Cold Storage Facilities: Warehouses that function as cold storage facilities for perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals, rely on precise temperature control to maintain the freshness and safety of stored items.

Rental Equipment For Warehouse Climate Control

We offer comprehensive expertise in warehouse climate control projects and a wide range of portable cooling and heating equipment to cater to diverse environments. There’s no need to guess or overpay for rentals you don’t need. Our project specialists collaborate with your management teams to assess and size your commercial climate control projects accurately.

a) Large Warehouse Spaces: We can design and implement solutions for large warehouse buildings and distribution centers, utilizing powerful air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and direct-fired heaters. These equipment options leverage the ample power supply available in such facilities.

b) Smaller Warehouse Spaces: For smaller warehouse spaces, we recommend our extensive line of spot coolers and mobile temporary heaters. These units operate on 120-volt power and consume minimal natural gas or propane. Electrical heaters are also available for warehouses without gas availability, operating on 240 volt and 460 volt power.


Take Control Of Your Environment
With Industrial HVAC Solutions

How Industrial HVAC Rentals Work

  • Our experts help you determine your warehouse cooling and heating equipment needs based on facility size, specific needs, and your currently installed HVAC equipment.
  • We Deliver & Install Your Rentals.
  • Our Technicians Train Your Team To Operate Them
  • We Provide Maintenance & Repairs As Needed
  • Monitoring Services Are Also Optional

Top Warehouse Heating & Cooling Picks

To meet your heating and cooling needs, we offer several HVAC equipment and accessories, including the following.



Schedule Your Warehouse HVAC Rentals

Ensure the success of your warehouse operations by prioritizing proper climate control. Maintain optimal temperatures for the safety of your products and the well-being of your workers. Contact Construction Heaters Inc. today for a free quote or consultation on your warehouse heating and cooling rental.

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How can we help?

We understand that downtime can be costly. We offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure that you always have access to the equipment you need, when you need it.

Our team of skilled technicians is available around the clock to provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for our rental equipment, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency and minimizing downtime.

If you’re in need of industrial heating and cooling rental solutions, contact us today to learn more about our equipment and services.

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