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The Construction Heaters Inc. service team offers expert customer support and technical services during our HVAC system rentals across America. From Michigan to Tennessee, throughout the Midwest, and out to Pennsylvania, we go beyond routine rentals for our clients in a variety of industrial environments.

Industrial HVAC Support When You Need It

When you hire commercial cooling, heating, and drying rentals from Construction Heaters Inc., you can rely on our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Your call is answered by a trained technician ready to connect you with the people or information needed to get your HVAC rentals up and running.

  • 24/7 Assistance
  • People, Parts, & Information
  • Fully Compliant With Safety Regulations
  • Familiar With Your HVAC Units

Professionals Trained To Maintain Temporary Units

When it is time for routine maintenance or a speedy repair for your industrial heating rentals, our techs travel to your location and provide the necessary tools, parts, and training to keep your site comfortable for workers or guests. Our crews have spent years servicing temporary industrial HVAC equipment in many industries.

Take Control Of Your Environment
With Industrial HVAC Solutions

Expert Support For Seamless Operations

The support offered by Construction Heater Inc.’s service team is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted operations on construction sites and industrial projects. Our in-depth knowledge of industrial heating, cooling, and drying systems ensures that equipment is optimally utilized, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. This translates to time and money savings for you.

Trust Our Team To Get It Right

Our expertise and knowledge are vital for the smooth functioning of industrial HVAC equipment. We can accurately assess project requirements, recommend suitable solutions, and provide ongoing support throughout the project’s duration. With our guidance, you can optimize equipment usage, enhance efficiency, and minimize potential disruptions.

Fast Fixes Keep Your Job Going

Because our technicians know our equipment inside and out, they get to the root of exactly what is wrong with your HVAC rental and how to fix it quickly. You can expect a speedy repair or replacement. We know good equipment is just the starting point. With our trusted team, your business can continue operating confidently with comfort and safety.

Day Or Night: We Are Here For You

We understand that not every worksite or event space operates during regular business hours. That is why our call center is always staffed so that we can respond to your needs. With one call, you can reserve the following pieces of equipment.

Schedule Hassle-Free HVAC Rentals

Construction Heater Inc.’s service teams and customer support personnel help you get the best and then get the most out of your industrial HVAC equipment. Our comprehensive range of rental services, include expert support, equipment installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. For hassle-free industrial heating, cooling, and drying solutions, learn more about the variety of HVAC rental units available for your space and the complimentary service team and customer support options we offer. Contact us today for fast, friendly service tailored to you and your industry.

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How can we help?

We understand that downtime can be costly. We offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure that you always have access to the equipment you need, when you need it.

Our team of skilled technicians is available around the clock to provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for our rental equipment, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency and minimizing downtime.

If you’re in need of industrial heating and cooling rental solutions, contact us today to learn more about our equipment and services.

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