Retail & Office Portable Climate Control

Are you considering retail or office portable climate control units for your business? Savvy companies invest in mobile commercial HVAC equipment from Construction Heaters Inc. Our heating and air conditioning equipment provides immediate comfort to customers and employees. Facility managers and mechanical contractors have relied on us for decades to deliver and install portable air conditioners to retail and office building clients, like you. 

  • Conditioned Air When & Where You Need It
  • Portable Heating, Cooling & Drying Options
  • Excellent Customer Service Across 20 States
  • Protect Products & Office Equipment
  • Protect Employee & Customer Well-Being
  • Boost Productivity

Temporary Heating & Cooling When You Need It

Extreme temperatures or emergency outages? Same-day delivery services are extremely important to keep your retail customer cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Components for permanent HVAC units have become scarce, and temporary air conditioners are an excellent solution for any office building or retail space.  

What Is Portable Commercial HVAC?

Portable commercial climate control units provide conditioned air to specific rooms and spaces. These units are not connected to the main ducts or existing HVAC equipment installed when the building was constructed. Instead, your heaters or air conditioning units can be moved to any location and set up immediately as a temporary means of cooling or heating retail spaces and office areas.

Where Can I Use Portable HVAC Units?

Retail spaces may have areas where existing HVAC systems are being repaired or replaced. Your store may be too hot for workers or certain products, like makeup, food, paints, or pharmaceuticals. Loading dock or entry areas may be too cold in the winter due to constantly open doors. Portable retail climate control units can provide instant heating and cooling whenever and wherever needed throughout the year.

Commercial portable HVAC units can be used in any location that will not pose a safety risk to employees or property. Simply move them to where they are needed.

Take Control Of Your Environment
With Industrial HVAC Solutions

Portable Air Conditioning For Rent

Most portable air conditioners can be powered with a standard 120-volt outlet and can vent hot air exhaust out a window, door or through a ceiling tile. Our temporary heaters and air conditioners are on wheels and can easily be moved throughout your building. 

Spot cooler rentals for office buildings and retail space have been extremely popular over the past few years, and can be shipped anywhere in the country.

Cooling Rentals

  • OP12
  • OP18
  • OP36
  • OP60

Heating Rentals

  • E35
  • E60kw
  • E150kw

Drying Rentals

  • E200

Air Filtration Rentals

  • Air Scrubber

Additional Uses For Portable HVAC Units

Commercial portable climate control equipment can also be used for humidity control, drying, and air filtration processes. If you are performing work that creates a lot of dust or gases, you can use these units for venting harmful contaminants outside. You may also use these units for emergency purposes, such as drying out an office space after experiencing a water leak or heating outdoor equipment that may have frozen during the winter.

Choose Our Rental HVAC Equipment Today

At Construction Heaters Inc., we offer temporary heating, cooling, and drying equipment. All of our equipment is provided for rental purposes, allowing you to access units whenever you need them, whether you’re in Pennsylvania, Utah, Wisconsin, or Colorado. Contact us today to learn more about portable HVAC and find out what we can do for you.

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How can we help?

We understand that downtime can be costly. We offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure that you always have access to the equipment you need, when you need it.

Our team of skilled technicians is available around the clock to provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for our rental equipment, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency and minimizing downtime.

If you’re in need of industrial heating and cooling rental solutions, contact us today to learn more about our equipment and services.

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