Industrial Cooling Rentals

Keep construction sites, manufacturing plants, and summer events cool with industrial cooling rentals from Construction Heaters Inc. Our A/C equipment rentals keep temperatures stable, employees productive, and customers satisfied, all with no-hassle setups and full support from our team and service partners in over 20 states, from Washington and Utah to Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Industrial A/C rentals circulate air across evaporator coils, into supply ducts, and out through return ducts. Some industrial cooling rentals can also provide heat to supplement your humidity controls.

Industrial, Commercial & Event Cooling Equipment

  • Temporary Air Conditioners
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Evaporative Coolers & Swamp Coolers
  • Fans & Air Movers

Recommended Cooling Equipment Models

Temporary Air Conditioner Rentals

Enjoy up to 331,000 BTUs of cool air per hour from your industrial-sized temporary air conditioner. There’s no reason to invest in large A/C units you use only once or seasonally. Whether your people, products, or processes require lower temperatures, we can help you meet business demands.

  • 5 Ton – 30 Ton
  • 60,000 BTUH – 331,000 BTUH

Rent Portable Air Conditioners

Need a more flexible option? Move the comfort from the tent to the job site with portable a/c units made to meet the demands of all types of commercial applications. Choose the temporary spot cooling equipment you need, or use our experience to help you size your project. These portable units take air conditioning wherever you need it to be.

  • 1 Ton – 5 Ton
  • 12,000 BTUH – 60,000 BTUH

Evaporative & Swamp Coolers – Drop Temps, Fast

Our evaporative coolers are high-efficiency, low-maintenance, and easy to move. An industrial evaporative swamp cooler uses the natural process of water evaporation to reduce heat indoors or outdoors. This option is excellent for dry climates or portable A/C for workstations, service bays, and training areas.

  • Industrial Swamp Cooler Rentals: 2,100 CFM – 9,500 CFM

Industrial Fans & Air Movers

Industrial fans and air mover rentals are heavy-duty and high output. Keep office buildings cool during an emergency outage or space fans to circulate air throughout an enclosed space. Just plug and go. It’s as easy as that. We can help you plan the right number of units for your event or organization.

  • Commercial Fans & Air Movers: 2,500 CFM – 14,000 CFM

5 Benefits Of A/C Equipment Rental

Why rent A/C units when you can buy them? Here are five great reasons to consider industrial cooling rentals.

  1. Save Money – Cool air without having to buy or maintain equipment.
  2. Versatile – Scale to meet your unique needs and schedules.
  3. Choice – Choose equipment for your space, from 1 to 30 tons.
  4. Easy Rentals – We size your needs, deliver, and set everything up.
  5. Reliable Service – You can count on 24/7 service and support.

Take Control Of Your Environment
With Industrial HVAC Solutions

Who Rents Commercial A/C Equipment?

People, processes, and products must stay cool year-round, from meat processing plants to tunneling crews. We serve various industries throughout the US. Our team will work with you to determine the right equipment for the job and support you throughout your rental.

  • Agriculture
  • Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Construction Sites & Tunneling Operations
  • Mining & Oil Rigs
  • Mills, Refineries & Chemical Production
  • Outdoor Sporting Events
  • Business Conferences
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Festivals & Fairs
  • Data Centers & Server Rooms
  • Movie Sets
  • Hospitals
  • Foundries
  • Factories
  • Machine Shops
  • Bakeries
  • Laundries

Temporary & Emergency, Large-Scale A/C

You may have higher seasonal demands during warmer months or need to keep first responders cool during a natural disaster. Whether your a/c equipment rental is planned or unplanned, we can help you quickly get the needed units. We can also monitor and report on temperatures and air quality as a part of your rental service.

  • Outages & Planned Maintenance
  • Emergencies & Natural Disasters
  • Storage Of Perishable Products
  • Maintain Production Rates
  • Meet OSHA Requirements
  • Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Food Process Cooling Equipment

Proper temperatures are essential in the food processing industry. Our rental air conditioning equipment is essential to back up your existing plant or factory cooling systems during planned shutdowns and permanent system failure. During peak production times or extreme seasonal temperatures, we provide air conditioners, desiccants, and temporary heaters to keep your processes and products at the desired climate.

A/C Rentals For Shut-Down Operations

We are often called upon to install temporary cooling equipment during planned factory or plant shutdowns. Our team is dependable no matter what your unique safety and security procedures are. We can work within your protocols for your peace of mind.

Rent Industrial Cooling Equipment Today

Contact us at Construction Heaters Inc. to size your project and learn more about our industrial cooling rentals. You don’t have to figure out the tonnage or worry about long wait times and expensive maintenance.

We can design a package unique to your industrial needs and location size and get equipment to you fast. We serve you in 20 states nationwide, including Washington, Utah, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

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How can we help?

We understand that downtime can be costly. We offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure that you always have access to the equipment you need, when you need it.

Our team of skilled technicians is available around the clock to provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for our rental equipment, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency and minimizing downtime.

If you’re in need of industrial heating and cooling rental solutions, contact us today to learn more about our equipment and services.

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