150 KW Rental Electric Heater

Model: 150KW
Electric heaters have been extremely popular for construction projects that specify a clean, dry heat. Hospitals, schools and government municipalities all recommend temporary electric and indirect-fired heaters. This 150kw electric heater produces approximately 500,000 BTU of heat with an amazing 14,500 CFM and 6.5″ of static pressure. If you are looking for a large electric heater for your project, this unit is the best in the industry. This unit lets the user switch between three different stages of heat: 60kw, 90kw and 150kw. This electric heater fits inside of any standard doorway and can maintain desired temperatures with a remote thermostat. These large electric heater rentals operate on 480 volt power and are ideal for power plant shutdowns, industrial buildings and large empty warehouses.
  • Style: Electric
  • Weight: 950 lbs.
  • Weight Range For Filtering: 501 – 1,000
  • Dimensions: 68″ x 32″ x 56″
  • Safety: OSHA Compliant
  • Certified: Omni Testing
  • BTUs: 500000 BTUs
  • Discharge Duct Diameter: 20″
  • Intake Duct Diameter: 24″
  • Fuel Type: None
  • Static Pressure: 3″
  • Voltage: 460 Volt
  • Voltage Range For Filtering: 301 – 500
  • Phase: 3 PH
  • Amp Draw: 196 amps
  • Amp MCA: 200 amps
  • CFM: 14500 cfm

Protective goggles and gloves are recommended. Read and follow all safety information included in user manual prior to use.

Our rental process

Step 1: We work with you to calculate your industrial climate conditioning needs, properly size your project, and select equipment type and placement.

Step 2: We deliver and connect your equipment. We are available around the clock to provide maintenance, and repair services for your rental equipment.

Step 3: Upon request, we will perform safety and quality control checks, help monitor your project, and generate equipment reports.

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