Facility Management is a full-time job. Keeping your people, products, and buildings conditioned properly can save thousands of dollars in losses and disgruntled workers. 37 years of renting climate control equipment has taught us many things, the most important is that past experiences are the most important aspect of sizing a project properly.

CHI Companies offers temporary climate control solutions for manufacturing facilities, seasonal projects, shut-downs, scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, emergency services, and preservation of empty buildings.

Benefits of CHI Companies:

  • Save you Time: Make one phone call or fill out the form below for a quick response.
  • Save you Money: Sizing a project properly will reduce fuel/power usage and unnecessary extra equipment.
  • Specialized: You are good at what you do, so are we, and temporary climate control is all we do. Don't call a rental company that offers climate control equipment as an afterthought, call the company that specializes in it.
  • Service: 24/7 equipment service. Call us day or night if there is an issue.
  • Equipment Variety: Electric, Hot Water, Steam, Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel and self-contained Boiler Systems. Our large variety of equipment and power options will insure success.
  • Large Coverage Area: Our three divisions cover most of the United States. We can ship anywhere in the country.
  • Professional Installation: Our service team can install equipment in select areas.

    One Call Does it All (844) TEMP-411, Ask for Industrial Rentals

    With offices in Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington, we understand the need for temporary heat during construction, maintenance, and plant outages. We will calculate your heating needs and offer a comprehensive quote with estimated fuel usage and recommended placement for increased efficiency.

  • Multiple power configurations and fuel options will give you the flexibility to heat any area on your property.
  • All equipment is fully insured with ETL/UL certifications.

    CHI Companies has a large supply of air conditioning equipment that can cover any project size from a small server room to a stadium size building.

  • Cool your space with multiple power options: 115 Volt 1PH, 208/230 Volt 1PH/3PH, 460/480 Volt 3PH.
  • 1 Ton - 30 Ton Air Conditioners: 5 Ton units and larger surrounded by protective metal frames with fork lift pockets.
  • 20" Standard Duct on all large equipment.
  • All large equipment delivered on flatbed trailers for easy loading and unloading.

    CHI Companies specializes in drying buildings. From small offices to flood victims, CHI Companies offers thousands of pieces of dehumidification equipment.
    Small refrigerant dehumidifiers work well for buildings that have many rooms. Refrigerant dehumidifiers only require a 110 volt receptacle and a place to drain the water. All of our dehumidifiers come standard with a 40 foot drain hose and condensate pump which can pump vertically approximately 15 feet.

    Larger buildings may require rental of a desiccant dehumidifier. These units range in size from 2000 - 5000 cfm and operate in multiple power configurations. Large desiccants can remove up to 500 gallons of water a day. Please contact one of our sizing professionals or click on the "Refrigerant and Desiccant Dehumidifiers" link for more details.

    Please take a minute to fill out the following form. Our qualified sales team will calculate your needs and email you with our proposal and fuel estimation. This form will help generate your quote, you are not obligated in any way to rent the equipment. C.H.I Companies will only communicate with the Contact Name listed below, and all obtained information is confidential.

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