About Us

CHI Territory MapConstruction Heaters Inc has been providing quality temporary heating, cooling and drying products to general contractors for over 30 years.  Our sales and service team offers:

-24/7 On-site Emergency Service Assistance
-Thorough Equipment Preparation
-Fast Delivery
-Qualified Installation with System Start-up and Fuel Connection
-Professional Customer Support
-Project Air Quality Checks for Voltage, Carbon Monoxide and Temperature Readings
-Over 70 Independent Service Companies to Compliment our Existing Team 
-Relationships with Utility Companies throughout the United States
-Three Divisions Covering over 16 States

Meet Our Sales Team Members

Minnesota Region Map

C.H.I. Companies Minnesota Region
4024 Peavey Road
Chaska, MN  55318
(800) 523-4328 (952) 448-6829 Fax

C.H.I. Companies Kansas City Region
1419 East 19th Street
Kansas City, MO  64108
(888) 265-6202

Keith Butcher
(612) 961-7424
Service Area: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin
Shawn MackLinkedin
(952) 292-2602
Service Area: Minnesota, Wisconsin

Chris Zakashefski
(612) 616-0047
Service Area: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota

Stuart Pysick
(612) 801-3207
Service Area: Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska

Don Romer
(612) 670-2800
Service Area: Minnesota

Tim Schmucker
(952) 237-0805
Service Area: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas City

Colorado Region Map

C.H.I. Companies Colorado Region
4200 Holly Street
Denver, CO  80216
(800) 247-1989 (303) 458-1526 (303) 458-1528 Fax

Robert Picciotta
(303) 912-6058
Service Area: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas City

Josh Cole
(303) 918-4880
Service Area: Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas City

Josh Wojciehoski
(303) 912-6399
Service Area: Colorado, Montana, Utah

Ron Sorem
(303) 868-5934
General Manager Denver, Colorado

Washington Region Map

C.H.I. Companies Washington Region
1620 Industry Drive SW Suite A
Auburn, WA  98001
(877) 736-2311 (253) 736-2612 Fax

Red Owen
(206) 947-7147
Service Area: Washington

Shawn Keating
(206) 276-6126
Service Area: Washington, Oregon, Idaho

Tyler Akers
(253) 294-6559
Service Area: Washington, Idaho, Montana